Hostel Facilities

In the lush green lawns of Chate School & Jr. College is yet another comfort none for the students where they feel at home. This is the boarding home which incorporates girls and boys from ages 6-18 Years. Giving due respect to the Guru Shishya Parampara the students at the Chate School & Jr. College boarding not only learn academics but absorb the life skills under the able guidance of their respective House Masters/ Mistresses.

Boarding at Chate School & Jr. College houses 3 main houses as follows: Shivaji, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Sing for the senior Boys & Girls-Rani Laxmibai. Keeping the Indian ethos. Values and culture paramount the atmosphere in the boarding encompasses the overall development of the students. They feel like they are in their foster family and learn the values of everlasting friendships while to be independent and confident they also bloom into flowers with self-respect. Self reliance and positive self esteem Care is taken in the Boarding to allow them to grow and develop as they would have at their homes only within a certain framework of discipline, conduct and behavior.

Giving, sharing, helping & caring are a few productive morals that students pick in the boarding as they pass through.

A student who embarks on a journey through the Chate School & Jr. College boarding at a young age is sure to be a proud Gurukulian who will mark a niche for himself in days to come. Students at Chate School & Jr.College have always felt very comfortable as the Boarding encourages their potentials and talents to be exploited and rewarded.”A home away from home” is what Chate School & Jr. College Boarding stands by and gives the parents a reassurance that their wards are in the safe and strong yet loving and caring hands.