Daily Routine

0.5:30AM WAKE UP
0.5:30am To 06.00am Personal Cleaning.
06:00 am To 06:30 am P.T. Yoga & Roll Call
06:30 am To 07:30 am Shower/School Uniform.
0.7:30am To 08.10am Breakfast
0.8:15am To 08.30am Assembly
0.8:30am To 09:30am I Period
09:30am To 10.30am II Period
10:30am To 11.30am III Period
11:30am To 12:00pm Difficulty Salvation
12.00 pm: To 01:30pm Lunch Break/Rest
01:30 pm To 02:30 pm IV period
02:30pm To 03:30pm V Period
03:30 pm To 04:30 pm VI period
04:30 pm To 05:00 pm Difficulty Salvation
05:00pm To 05:30pm Tea
05:30pm To 06:20pm Games/ Sports
06:20pm To 07:10pm Hygiene/ Washing/ Bath
07:10pm To 07:20pm Sandhyavandan/ Roll Call
07:20pm To 08:20pm Dinner
08:20pm To 10:50pm Supervised Study
10:50pm To 11:00pm Next Day Preparation
11:00pm Lights Off